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Strategy & Operations

Be different by doing differently.We empower you with strategic changes that set you apart and move you forward.

With the right people and processes, you can overcome any obstacle. No matter the challenge—growing pains, a lack of direction, or outdated systems—we tailor a business strategy that gives you a plan you can rely on. We modernize operations and simplify workflows so that you’re agile and resilient.


No matter your task—or your competition—you’ll have what you need to make an impact.


Corporate & Business Strategy

Get the most out of your planning. We help you evaluate your vision, then guide you through each step required to make it a reality.

Business Process Optimization

We design end-to-end processes that streamline your operations and optimize your productivity, cycle times, and quality of delivery.

Organizational Transformation

Improve performance with a reinvigorated business model. We implement your strategic vision at every level of your organization, making progress a reality.

Product Strategy & Operations

With a clear vision in hand, we align your teams to deliver products on time and above expectations.

Project Management

We understand your project priorities, dependencies, and stakeholder needs, then deliver results with harmony and simplicity.

PMO Design & Operations

With our new structure in place, management can optimize resources and advance core priorities.

Change Management
Monitor and visualize your organizational KPIs

Embrace change to enable greater success on mission-critical projects. Our proven methodology leads you step-by-step through successful organizational change management and implementation.


Bring alignment between leaders, stakeholders, and users so your business can use actionable insights to drive business value for years to come.

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Data Privacy
Maintain customer trust and data readiness

Understand how data is flowing through your organization to steer clear of costly penalties and maintain customer trust with a robust data privacy readiness strategy.


We design strategic roadmaps and create how-to guides for your data subject requests, allowing you prepare for current and future data privacy laws.

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Business Agility
Invest intelligently and set your business up for success

Our proven strategies help your organization pivot quickly during disruptions in the industry, while allowing you to capitalize on prospects ahead of the competition.


Whether the next disruption – or opportunity – is weeks, months, or even years in the future, now is the tine to set your organization on the path for greater business agility.

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Our Strategy & Operations Work

Practice Area Lead

Rich Sturm

Rich Sturm
Experienced in developing customized client solutions for operations leadership, strategic change, performance optimization, and more.


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