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Digital Transformation

Unlock your abilities with tailored technology solutions.

We create powerful custom tools, optimize packaged software, and provide trusted guidance to enable your teams and deliver business value that lasts.


No matter the scale, your goals are achievable with the right strategy. We believe that with intelligent and cost-effective solutions, you can exceed customer expectations and grow your competitive edge. We help by transforming existing infrastructure to create personalized customer experiences, capture analytics for business decisions, and mitigate risk.


Robotic Process Automation

Give your teams interesting, intricate work…and let automation handle the repetitive, monotonous tasks. Processes are leaner and cost-effectively scalable with a virtual workforce.

Virtual Assistants

Respond to customers whenever they need you with an intelligent virtual assistant. We create sophisticated conversational interfaces that create enjoyable experiences for your customers.

Product Management

We obsess about the customer journey and apply these insights to accelerate your product lifecycle, helping you launch better products that your users will want to keep using.

Digital Strategy

Accelerate your ability to identify and secure long-term customers with a comprehensive, data-driven strategy.

Cloud Solutions

Be at home in the cloud. We help you manage your online services and increase performance with a secure and affordable cloud solution.

Packaged Software Solutions

Get the tools you need for the work you do. We tailor new applications to your needs and integrate them with existing infrastructure.

Enterprise Architecture

Align your infrastructure more closely to your teams and your business. We provide architecture and design solutions to optimize your workflows and help teams stay effective.

Solution Engineering

Meeting stakeholder needs just got easier. We create modern, custom solutions that make your teamwork seamless—and your deliverables outstanding.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Reduce costs and risks by handling repetitive tasks with RPA

We streamline business processes with automation, re-routing people to value-add activities while reducing operating costs and minimizing the risk of errors.


From assessment to implementation, we give you the tools you need to re-allocate high-volume manual tasks to your virtual workforce, while you focus on your customers, and grow business value.

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Customer Service Innovation
Everyone wins with intelligent and personal customer experiences

63% of consumers have higher expectations of customer support than they did 3-5 years ago.


We spend the time understanding your customers and jointly build an effective strategy that will maximize customer engagement, directly benefiting your top and bottom line.

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Messaging & Virtual Assistant
A personalized experience for your customers and employees

Improve customer and employee satisfaction by implementing intelligent virtual agents that represent your brand.


We create conversational interfaces that deliver frictionless customer experiences—all while increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving your competitive advantage. Intelligent virtual agents work seamlessly with their human counterparts so customer care is always on point.

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Digital Transformation Case Studies



“We love working with Logic20/20. No matter the type of product or business objectives, they partner with us to create the best possible outcomes. We tackle projects as a focused, unified team, and we can always rely on their creativity and commitment to help us get the job done. Their skill and support continually exceed our expectations."


James Ellison

Sr. Manager, AI
T-Mobile and Social, Product & Technology

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Practice Area Lead

Liz Swary

Liz Gillette
Technology leader with over 14 years of experience in technology implementations, specializing in delivery excellence, data management, and more.


Lionel Bodin

Lionel Bodin
Transformational leader, managing highly complex, multifaceted digital programs dealing with systems of engagement, digital channels, and complex implementations..


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