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Logic20/20 & AWS

Added Value with AWS.

As an AWS Partner, we are provided with the technical services, solutions and products that enable us to deliver value-added services and solutions integrated with AWS, as well as go-to-market opportunities to our clients. Our teams will focus on your business goals and desired outcomes to create the right solution for your business.



As a consulting partner, we help customers define a business strategy, and design, architect, build, migrate and manage their programs using AWS tools. We provide:
Big Data Solutions

Cloud services to help you collect, store, process, & analyze Big Data workloads quickly & easily.

Cloud Migration

Leverage optimized strategies for modernizing & migrating existing software to the cloud.

Data Lakes

Securely store all of your data in one place & make it available to a broad set of processing & analytical engines.

Speed Disaster Recovery Time

Technology for continuous data replication, machine or application backups, & data source synchronization.

AWS Case Study - Expanded AWS Big Data Capabilities.

Logic20/20 and AWS revolutionized Expedia’s analytics across multiple channels and brands through System Integration & Analytics.

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AWS Well-Architected Review

Implement framework best practices

The AWS Well-Architected Framework provides a consistent approach to cloud architecture and is built on five key pillars. Logic20/20 is certified to perform Well-Architected reviews; we’ll identify areas to improve your workload and create applications that are secure, high-performing, and resilient.


Well-Architected Reviews
AWS Well-Architected Review
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Reduce costs and risks by handling repetitive tasks with RPA

We streamline business processes with automation, re-routing people to value-add activities while reducing operating costs and minimizing the risk of errors.


From assessment to implementation, we give you the tools you need to re-allocate high-volume manual tasks to your virtual workforce, while you focus on your customers, and grow business value.

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Customer Service Innovation
Everyone wins with intelligent and personal customer experiences

63% of consumers have higher expectations of customer support than they did 3-5 years ago.


We spend the time understanding your customers and jointly build an effective strategy that will maximize customer engagement, directly benefiting your top and bottom line.

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Messaging & Virtual Assistant
A personalized experience for your customers and employees

Improve customer and employee satisfaction by implementing intelligent virtual agents that represent your brand.


We create conversational interfaces that deliver frictionless customer experiences—all while increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving your competitive advantage. Intelligent virtual agents work seamlessly with their human counterparts so customer care is always on point.

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Dashboard Design
Create a dashboard that highlights the “so what” in your data

Align your data with your biggest business goals through our Dashboard Design Process and Wireframe Kit.


Our process lets you create analytics with clear next steps so you can make decisions that drive change in your organization. We focus on people to increase adoption and usability across your entire organization.

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Analytics Hub
Access all business intelligence assets in one spot

Provide real-time feedback and make data-driven decisions that matter with a scalable, cohesive analytics hub.


By focusing on portal design to improve user experience, our analytics hub allows your business’ users to easily engage with all current and future analytics assets from any platform, ensuring that you get the best ROI out of your technology spend.

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Data Privacy
Maintain customer trust and compliance

Steer clear of costly penalties, understand how data is flowing through your organization, and meet your customer’s needs with a robust data privacy readiness strategy.


We design strategic roadmaps and provide procedure guidelines for your data subject requests, allowing you prepare for current and future data privacy laws.

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