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Logic20/20 & AWS

We deliver scalable AWS solutions focused on delivering ROI


As a validated AWS Consulting Partner, our teams deliver value-added solutions integrated with AWS, as well as go-to-market opportunities to our clients. We focus on your business goals and desired outcomes to create the right solution for you.




Our AWS Solutions


Using AWS Tools, we help our customers define
a strategy & build innovative programs.


Big Data Solutions


Cloud services to help you collect, store, process, & analyze Big Data workloads quickly & easily


Cloud Migration


Leverage optimized strategies for modernizing & migrating existing software to the cloud


Data Lakes


Securely store your data & make it available to a broad set of processing & analytical engines


Disaster Recovery Time


Machine & application backups, continuous data replication, & data source synchronization

Implement framework best practices

AWS Well-Architected Review


Logic20/20 is certified to perform Well-Architected reviews using the AWS Well-Architected Framework; we’ll identify areas to improve your workload and create applications that are secure, high-performing, and resilient.


Well-Architected Reviews
AWS Well-Architected Review

Diversification in experience enables our consultants to deliver solutions across:





AWS AppConfig AWS CloudWatch AWS API Gateway AWS Chime AWS Cognito AWS WAF AWS Lambda AWS S3
AWS CloudFront AWS CloudSearch AWS OpenSearch AWS Route53 AWS Kinesis AWS Dynamo DB AWS Comprehend AWS LEX




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