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In a competitive marketplace, innovative technology and communications organizations live by a digital-first strategy.


Integrated AI and machine learning solutions help companies’ asses customer sentiment, identify the next best action, increase self-service, and make real time recommendations.


Our teams deliver the technical skills, the business acumen, and the organizational expertise to get even the most ambitious digital strategies up and running quickly—and take them across the finish line.


Digital solutions saving over $100 million, annually


Our expertise


AI products innovation

Digital products are a key component of innovative organizations; AI and machine learning power automation and create tangible business improvements.


Bottom line: Streamlined processes & cost savings.



Intelligent customer care

AI and machine learning enable faster customer problem resolution, answering FAQs directly and supporting agents through automated assists and voice transcription.


Bottom line: Annual savings upwards of $100 million 



Asset management

Manage assets and increase infrastructure resiliency using AI & machine learning with solutions that impact field operations, supply chain, predictive planning.


Bottom line: Increase customer satisfaction & manage costs



Business process outsourcing

Focus on key success drivers while engaging a trusted partner to drive business operations and increase efficiencies in data privacy as a service, marketing operations, and more.


Bottom line: Operational flexibility & streamlined execution




Our partners provide powerful tools and unmatched support to help you achieve your business goals.


Learn more about our partners, including AWS telco solutions





“We love working with Logic20/20. No matter the type of product or business objectives, they partner with us to create the best possible outcomes. We tackle projects as a focused, unified team, and we can always rely on their creativity and commitment to help us get the job done. Their skill and support continually exceed our expectations."


James Ellison

Sr. Manager, AI
T-Mobile and Social, Product & Technology

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