Why Salesforce Service Cloud

Why Salesforce Service Cloud?

All the tools you need to deliver service customers—and agents—will love


Using the latest intelligent technologies, Salesforce Service Cloud enables your customer care team to deliver personalized, scalable digital service from anywhere.


Created with the needs of both customers and agents in mind, Salesforce Service Cloud offers a suite of intelligent tools, all built on the Salesforce platform, to enable rapid, accurate response to customers' needs across channels.

4 powerful tools to elevate your customer care

Case management

Gives agent a holistic view of every customer from any location (office or remote).

Connects agents to all the activity, processes, and information they need.

Automatically routes cases to the best agent for the job based on skill sets and availability.

Shows every customer interaction in a "news feed" timeline, incorporating all channels.

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Knowledge management

Built-in AI recommends the right article or next best action to help agent or to share with customer via self-service portals.

Analytics help identify which knowledge articles are working well and suggest new articles that need to be created.

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Omnichannel communication

Enables every agent to have personalized 1-to-1 conversations with customers on the channels they prefer.

Incorporates messaging apps (SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) and social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Offers a 360-degree view of every customer, on every channel, with no more screen switching.

AI insights with Einstein

Helps customers solve routine issues via SMS, chat, and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

Delivers AI-powered predictions, recommendations, and chatbots on digital channels.

Surfaces the right offer at the right time in any self-service experience for every customer.

Engages customers to collect and qualify customer information for seamless handoff to agents.

Powered by Salesforce

More than 150,000 companies around the globe rely on Salesforce—the world's #1 CRM platform—for the sales, marketing, commerce, and customer service solutions they need to power their business.

Salesforce provides unified capabilities across all areas of your organization, from sales to finance to service and everything in between. As a Platform as a Service (PaaS), it delivers a powerful solution that's endlessly configurable, flexible, and extendible.

Why Logic20/20 for Salesforce solutions?

Deep Salesforce Experience

With 20+ years of Salesforce experience, we help organizations leverage the platform to create exceptional digital experiences and maintain customer loyalty.

Strategic Service Management

Informed by many years of enabling service management solutions, we design and implement strategies that work for all parties involved: customers, customer service teams, and business operations.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Because we know messaging (including Apple Business Chat), virtual agents, social media, and traditional channels, clients count on us to elevate their customer experience and improve customer retention.

Digital Transformation Expertise

Driven by our deep expertise in DevOps, systems integration, and data migration, we help businesses exceed customer expectations and grow their competitive edge.

Advanced Analytics Expertise

Through our partnership with Tableau and our advanced analytics expertise, we help businesses deliver actionable data, predictive analytics, and real-time insights to the right people at the right time.

Cross-Functional Synergies

Our culture fosters continuous collaboration between teams from different domains, enabling us to gain a fresh perspective on challenges and develop innovative solutions.



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