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Utilities Vegetation Management




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In 2021, fires of 100,000 acres1—each equivalent to 500 times the size of Disneyland2—burned across 13 U.S. states. As environmental conditions continue to shift, utilities have an increasing responsibility to engage in effective vegetation management. Logic20/20's Utilities Risk Analytics Platform mitigates risk, improves safety, and reduces costs for utilities--all to enable critical wildfire reduction.






Public and federal pressure for advanced safety measures

Increased wildfire risk and costs

Limited situational awareness

Incomplete historical and manually-collected data

Regulatory requirements for consistent and risk-informed inspection

Lightning strikes tower

Utilities Risk Management Platform


Inspector Intelligence

On-the-ground risk prediction, prioritization, and insights into the deciding risk factors for each tree give inspectors the ability to catch risks early.



Risk-informed and labor-optimized inspection schedule planning ensures prioritization and coverage to maximize safety.



Tree-level prediction of risk and strategic insights drive trimming, audit, and safety initiative design. Statistical models validate vegetation management impact.



Integration of key inspection, asset, weather, imagery, and GIS data creates a comprehensive view of the territory.

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