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The successful execution of strategic initiatives is key to the evolution and growth of an organization. At Logic20/20 our business consultants take the time to understand the goals of a project and create the roadmap for timely and successful delivery.


Strategic projects start with analysis of the existing teams, business processes, technology ecosystem, and more to gain a deeper and more intimate understanding of the current state of affairs at your organization. From there, our teams optimize and execute on the roadmap – a living plan that is continuously improved as new information and insights are uncovered. It’s this flexibility that allows us to deliver on complicated initiatives without stressing over the challenges that come in any journey.


Our consulting teams deliver successful solutions based on the hard and soft goals discovered at the start of your project. We educate business leaders on their current teams and functions and make recommendations based on the current state to help your business grow.



Practice Area Lead

Rich Sturm

Rich Sturm
Experienced in developing customized client solutions for operations leadership, strategic change, performance optimization, and more.


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