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Managed Services

Protect your return on investment


Once we’ve built and delivered a new solution, our clients sometimes ask, "How can we make sure the ROI keeps coming?" We can help with that, too.


Let Logic20/20 manage the ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your new solution or tech stack. You'll ensure that your investment continues to deliver optimal performance without adding to your team's workload.


Whether we helped you build a cloud architecture, innovate a custom application, or implement a DevOps practice, the continued health of your solution is in good hands.


Custom App Support

No matter the requirements, we handle the full lifecycle management of custom applications, including architectural assessments, security reviews, maintenance, and more.

Cloud Lifecycle Management

We manage the entire lifecycle of cloud resources, from request through provisioning through decommissioning, in accordance with your organization’s cloud strategy.

DevOps Managed Service

Go beyond the CI/CD pipeline. We use advanced telemetry, self-healing services, and shared ownership to keep projects moving in the right direction.


Cloud Optimization

Utilize data to drive your workload and spend efficiencies


Take a proactive approach to reducing your spend for cloud by implementing a development framework that optimizes your cloud architecture.

Our secure cloud solutions allow you to easily collaborate, manage your costs, and increase the performance of your online services.

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Business Agility

Invest intelligently and set your business up for success


Our proven strategies help your organization pivot quickly during disruptions in the industry, while allowing you to capitalize on prospects ahead of the competition.

Whether the next disruption – or opportunity – is weeks, months, or even years in the future, now is the time to set your organization on the path for greater business agility.

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Our work

Logic20/20 is a proven managed services partner with extensive experience in providing ongoing support to our clients. For example, ...

Delivering continuous DevOps support for customer care platform

After we had implemented a complex microservices platform for our client—a telecom industry leader—they recognized a need for development services that are separate from their day-to-day customer support activities. Logic20/20 brought in the resources needed to support the DevOps infrastructure on a 24/7 schedule and improved monitoring of the environment to enable 99.9% uptime. Our client can concentrate all their energies on product delivery with the confidence that we’re taking care of their needs on the development side.

Supporting custom compensation tool for global sales force

When a global technology company needed an auditable compensation program for worldwide sellers to encourage strategic sales and support quotas and forecasting, they turned to Logic20/20. After we developed and implemented their Azure-based custom tool for deal registrations, they asked us to stay on to manage maintenance and enhancements for the new platform. This support enabled our client to step back from day-to-day operations and focus their efforts on building successful relationships with their field sellers.






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Practice Area Lead

Nick Callahan

Nick Callahan

IT Director with over 20 years of operational and management experience, including specialties in Agile, process modeling, Customer Data Integration (CDI), and more.

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