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Advanced Analytics

Put your data to work


Your data is one of the most valuable assets your organization has today. Stowed away in all those servers are the answers to your business’ most pressing questions, such as

  • "How can we get more customers?"
  • "How can we reduce costs while maintaining quality?"
  • "How can we keep our best employees?"


Instead of relying solely on intuition, past experience, or what your competitors are doing, you can make well-informed strategic decisions based on the most current data from both inside and outside of your organization.





Data-driven businesses are ...



more likely to acquire customers and



more likely to be profitable.1

Our capabilities

We bring together the vital elements that transform your data into a strategic asset—and a competitive advantage:

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Data strategy

Chart a course of action for leveraging data to achieve your business objectives.

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Data science

Utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable predictive analytics and automation.

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Data engineering

Make data the life's blood of your organization by transforming big data into business intelligence.

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Visual analytics

Deliver dashboards and reports people want to use to bridge the gap between data and decisions.



How's your relationship with data?

Uncover trust issues, bad user experiences, and other signs of a bad relationship with data. Is it cheeky? A little bit, but it's a step toward building a high-quality, productive relationship with your data.

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How we can help


At Logic20/20, we help clients put their data to work for them, with outcomes that enable them to achieve their business goals:




Dashboard Design
Create a dashboard that highlights the “so what” in your data

Align your data with your biggest business goals through our Dashboard Design Process and Wireframe Kit.


Our process lets you create analytics with clear next steps so you can make decisions that drive change in your organization. We focus on people to increase adoption and usability across your entire organization.

Learn more about dashboard design
Analytics Hub
Access all business intelligence assets in one spot

Provide real-time feedback and make data-driven decisions that matter with a scalable, cohesive analytics hub.


By focusing on portal design to improve user experience, our analytics hub allows your business’ users to easily engage with all current and future analytics assets from any platform, ensuring that you get the best ROI out of your technology spend.

Learn more about analytics hubs
Data Privacy
Maintain customer trust and compliance

Steer clear of costly penalties, understand how data is flowing through your organization, and meet your customer’s needs with a robust data privacy readiness strategy.


We design strategic roadmaps and provide procedure guidelines for your data subject requests, allowing you prepare for current and future data privacy laws.

Learn more about data privacy

Practice Area Lead

Mick Wagner

Mick Wagner
Experienced leader helping teams succeed with data lifecycle strategy, solution architecture, data management, and more.
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Adam Cornille

Adam Cornille
Data science leader and practitioner with over a decade of field experience in development, statistics, and management practices.
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