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Advanced Analytics

-Clarity of data-

The intelligent pursuit of useful informationWe enable data driven decisions by focusing on your customer and the data that powers your organization.

Building a high performing analytics program isn’t just about collecting data; in fact, many organizations feel that they have too much data, often spread across multiple data sources, departments, operational systems, and applications. If your data is chaotic and difficult to manage, no one will trust it, and worse yet, no one will USE it.


Your data and analytics should give you the insight you need to make complicated business decisions that will enable growth, increase sales, help you find more customers, and increase the speed of innovation.


Logic20/20's analytics consultants look at all advanced analytics projects through the lens of your business. We work with you to find the problems you need to solve and the metrics you need to create a data-driven analytics model. Then we create a single source of truth for your data, implement the tools that are right for your business, and deliver consumable information that you can actually act on.


That’s clarity of data.

Advanced Analytics Solutions

Visual Analytics - Data Visualizations

Information for the right people at the right time with actionable data visualizations.

Data Warehouse Design & Implementation

Elegant designed data storage with an eye towards access and security.

Assessment, Roadmaps & Data Modeling

Assess business and technical needs and design models to get the right data to the right people and answer the right questions.

Data Integration & Transformation

Integrate data into new and existing systems and processes.

Single View of the Customer

Architecting master data management (MDM) to achieve the single version of truth.

Machine Learning

Automated & predictive analytics models to support business growth.

Data Migration

Transfer data from on-premises to cloud storage solutions.

Big Data Analytics

Customer and business insight with big data, advanced analytics, streaming analytics, & Internet of Things (IoT).

Predictive Analytics & Data Science

Explore what’s possible with data and get data-informed answers to business questions.

Production Grade Cloud-based Solutions

Cloud solutions to support enterprise level clients.



5x5 Business Intelligence Health Assessment


Business Intelligence Health Assessment



The Logic20/20 5x5 Business Intelligence Health Assessment asks 25 questions across 5 critical areas; results give you a benchmark for establishing value and strategic direction of your advanced analytics program. You’ll receive a complimentary 10-page report that includes your results and a comparison to your peers in five critical areas.


With your assessment in hand, we can help you design and implement an advanced analytics strategy that will support your company's growth - it's all about the intelligent pursuit of useful information.

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Dashboard Design Process Webinar

Learn dashboard design processes to ensure business value, actionable insight with clear user behavior, and increase adoption across your organization. 

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Onsite Dashboard Training

Learn best practices and end the training with dashboard wireframes for your business.
• Ensure business value
• Tell a story with data
• Steps to wireframe a dashboard

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BI Portals

Increase ease of use and user adoption for analytics assets.

Your organization probably spends a lot of time and resources developing business intelligence dashboards to create a data-driven culture.


BI Portals allow you to access all the dashboard and analytics assets in your company, irrespective of technology, location, and department. BI Portals focus on user experience, delivering relevant and timely content about the analytics assets and encouraging user interaction and feedback.


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Customer Engagement


Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Making customer engagement your strategic advantage.

In today’s business landscape, the effectiveness of your customer engagement is now just as important as the goods and services your business provides.


We deliver cutting edge solutions that enable multi-channel customer engagement, real time analytics, and secure connections.


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Leverage the right people, processes, and data to unlock the power of your data




Advanced Analytics Case Studies


Corona Norco

Predictive analytics used to reduce drop-out rates


Fundraising “pledge cards” and analytics

University of Washington

Increased insight with diversity reporting

City of Seattle

Analytics and application development


ETL foundation & cube migration


Strategic Competitive Analysis


Improve customer experience and retention


Data informed decisions

Brooks Running

Enterprise data warehouse




Mick Wagner 

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