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Reporting and Visualization

Data driven decision making is possible with the right questions and the right tools.

At Logic20/20, we’re challenging the notion that creating a culture of measurement and innovation is unaffordable or hopelessly complex. We support your business's growth by delivering data and insight to business users across the organization, using interactive dashboards, executive scorecards, and financial reporting. We design custom analytics platforms with a trusted source of data (the "single truth") that are relevant, secure, and scalable. No more data siloed in departments, no more conflicting reports. Just clear data, delivered when you need it, so you can answer your business questions.

Key Ingredients for Success


Dashboard Design

Take a practical approach to addressing enterprise dashboard design, ensuring dashboards bring value to the business and allow actionable insights for the users. Through a tried and tested process that consists of user/stakeholder interviews, workshops, design and data visualization best practices, the resulting dashboard is one that meets the goals of the business while supporting the users.

Dashboard Adoption

Discovery, feedback and improvement of dashboards are seriously hampered without the right sharing platform, process and strategy in place. Getting the dashboard built is 50% of the journey. Users must be able to find it, act on it and share those insights in order to extract value and uplift the business. Doing so generates the feedback necessary to create the next iteration of the dashboard to continually evolve the organization as the user needs change.

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Enterprise dashboard process

"The Enterprise Dashboard Process:
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Practice Area Lead

Mick Wagner

Mick Wagner
Experienced analytics leader helping teams succeed with data lifecycle strategy, solution architecture, data management, and more.
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Adam Cornille

Adam Cornille
Data science leader and practitioner with over a decade of experience in development, statistics, and management practices.
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