Windermere enhances relationships using a new web platform that supports agents and brokers.

At a glance:

Windermere needed to improve agent and broker/owner relationships while providing increased support for all their clients, both internal and external. Logic20/20 build a new agent web platform to support agent needs and improve user experiences.

Customer Challenge

Windermere needed to provide increased flexibility and functionality for business processes to agents and broker/owners while adhering to corporate guidelines. Additionally they needed to improve the relationships between the different groups under the Windermere umbrella, while increasing the brand awareness.

Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 implemented a new web platform to support the Windermere team. We accomplished this with:

  • New agent web platform with template-based configuration and customization for agent’s personal websites
  • Support for upwards of 20,000 agents and 1.5M hits per month and has full blogging, social media, newsletter, and embedded video capabilities
  • Integration with Windermere.com to increase brand affinity
  • SEO-friendly page conventions
  • Developed the system as a potential Software as a Service (SaaS) offering

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 delivered a new system that supports the Windermere brand and business. At launch:

  • 60% adoption rate within 48 hours – the system was built with easy integration in mind
  • Refocused relationships help build stronger and more profitable businesses – the system enhanced relationships with stronger branding.
  • Helped grow the business – Windermere Solutions could offer the platform as a SaaS offereing
  • Decreased cost of ownership with cloud-base infrastructure

About Windermere Real Estate

Windermere Real Estate is Seattle-based company founded in 1972. They have always focused on three basic principles: hire the best people; give them the best tools; create thriving communities.





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