Improve fundraising and business operations

Updated analytics infrastructure to support business operations, including fundraising

At a glance:

Logic20/20 paired with YMCA to help deliver a customized and scalable data warehouse, built on Microsoft Azure, to help improve their data analytics, fundraising efforts, and consolidate their data.

Customer Challenge

YMCA needed to improve its analytics infrastructure to support its business community. Different business departments needed the ability to work with organization-wide data in a coherent, structured environment. In addition, the fundraising team needed an automated system to speed up and improve the fundraising process.

Approach and Solution:

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 helped design a solution that addressed all of YMCA’s challenges and helped improve the analytics to their business. The solution:

About YMCA

Founded in 1844, the YMCA of Seattle is a local branch of a nationwide organization committed to bringing meaningful change to their members and the communities they serve.



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