SharePoint new project request form streamlines processes

SharePoint new project request form streamlines processes

At a glance:

Allen Institute needed a new SharePoint form to support project management, including new project generation, approval, and milestone updates. The Logic20/20 technology consulting team created an InfoPath form with conditional logic that displays only relevant information and list views to support each step of the project.

Customer Challenge

Allen Institute needed an updated system to manage new project requests, including grant management and supply requests.

Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 technology consultants designed and built a solution in SharePoint to support the new project request workflow. We:

  • Built out detailed requirements for each type of new project request.
  • Built a new site collection in SharePoint to host the form
  • Created an InfoPath form to collect new project details. This form contains conditional logic and only reveals fields relevant to the project type.
  • Designed end-user help documents.

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Allen Institute project managers have a new tool that supports research by streamlining the process for collecting new project information. The final solution:

  • Keeps the form simple by only displaying relevant content.
  • Creates a single system for managing multiple types of requests.
  • Includes list views to support the project pipeline management and provide basic report

About Allen Institute

Allen Institute is a Seattle-based non-profit that focuses on answering questions in brain, cell, and bioscience and is recognized as a leader in large-scale research. They work on the core principles of team science, big science, and open science and look to accelerate research worldwide.





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