Powering transactional business with e-commerce

Powering transactional business with e-commerce

Powering transactional business with e-commerce


How we helped a medical equipment manufacturer improve the online customer experience


At a Glance:

When a medical equipment manufacturer needed a redesigned online channel to attract and retain customers, grow revenues, and create a competitive advantage, they contacted us.


Customer Challenge

Users of our client’s online channel were not able to discover, acquire, and learn about products and services in the seamless and personalized experience that they expected. Frustrated customers had to call and speak with a sales rep, even when ordering simple items. As a result, less than 10 percent of our client’s revenues came from online sales.


Our client set the goal of creating an online channel that delivers

  • A rich customer experience that integrates content and commerce
  • Full e-commerce capabilities to drive online as the preferred transaction channel
  • Full self-service to drive online as the preferred customer service channel


Why They Chose Us

Because we had worked with the project’s stakeholders when they were at a previous company, they knew the quality of our work, the breadth of our expertise, and our mindful approach to achieving results. They also appreciated the depth of our experience both in the healthcare industry and in the e-commerce space, so they knew we were the right choice for this project.


Our Results

After assessing our client’s current state, Primitive Logic defined a future-state roadmap to support the transformation of their transactional business. Our work encompassed:

  • Aligning key stakeholders with a shared vision for the transactional business strategy
  • Documenting KPIs to measure progress against the strategy and plan
  • Assessing, confirming, and documenting high-priority issues and key decisions
  • Documenting high-level business requirements, organized by capability area
  • Performing a fit/­gap analysis to align future state requirements with capabilities
  • Targeting specific capabilities within each transformation area, including web enablement, marketing automation, analytics, back-office optimization, transactional CRM, and CSD/SSD enablement
  • Defining a governance model to support the on­going enablement of specific capabilities across the transactional journey map


At the conclusion of this project, our client had a strategy that enabled them to improve revenue and deliver products and services to new and existing customers while reducing risk. Specific benefits include:

    • Expanding recurring revenues for high-volume consumable products
    • Improving operational excellence by allowing the sales team to focus on high-margin sales
    • Enhancing the customer journey with an intuitive, localized experience
    • Reducing infrastructure risks by replacing aging, out-of-support assets





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