Migration and management of Business Desk CRM

At a glance:

Microsoft WWLP needed to migrate from MSE to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Logic 20/20 owned end-to-end management of the migration project that included analyzing workflows and creating overall reporting initiatives.

Customer Challenge

Microsoft WWLP needed management support for the migration from MSE and other WWLP groups to Microsoft Dynamics CRM tool. The new tool needed to support the sales staff in their daily operations, including the ability to submit concessions to a deal, manage the approval process across various required stages of review, and track all communications regarding a request in any ticket.

Approach and Solution:

Logic 20/20 owned end to end management of project schedule, scope, analysis, and documentation. We:

  • Analyzed six disparate processes to define a workflow that encompassed all stakeholders and users within the WWLP group.
  • Created, coordinated, and managed bug log, triage sessions, training materials and training sessions.
  • Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia,
  • Owned the overall reporting initiative, including business desk performance reports and sales trending reports.

Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic 20/20 provided Microsoft WWLP with a successful delivery of the project on time and at budget. We:

  • Streamlined the service request handling processes into a new ticket management tool.
  • Created guides and reference materials to be used extensively and globally by Microsoft Sales Team.
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  • Simplified the sales process by including all stakeholders and users within the WWLP group into a single application.


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