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High school dropout prevention using predictive analytics in K12 education

High school dropout prevention using predictive analytics in K12 education


At a glance:

Corona Norco Unified School District needed a system to identify which students were at risk for drop out. Utilizing predictive analytics, we identified trends and could predict with 98% accuracy which students were at risk. The district was then able to create diverse programs specifically designed to engage with these students and reduce the dropout rates.


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Customer Challenge

High school dropout prevention is one of the biggest concerns for the school district. To address the complicated issues that students face, teachers and counselors need to know when and how to give students extra support and ensure their future. Corona Norco had a plentitude of student data, but no accurate way to identify students early on so they could get them the support that they needed to continue their education.


Approach and Solution:

Logic20/20 created a set of dashboards that highlight at-risk students and their individual needs. Our dashboard allows them to quickly prioritize their limited resources to the students who need it most.


Logic20/20 created a predictive analytics model based on historical data that predicts dropout rate with 98% accuracy. We:

  • Created a new data warehouse that is a consistent, unified source of truth.
  • Designed a model based on research that fit the educators needs and was tuned for accuracy.
  • Organized data per logical categories that the district already used for reporting.


Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 provided the educators with a high-value analytics solution that they can use daily to support their students and reduce the dropout rate. The solutions supports high school dropout prevention by predicting which students are at risk for dropout BEFORE they start high school. We:

  • Worked closely with the district administration and staff to create requirements-focused visualizations that were user friendly. This also ensured project buy-in from all levels of the district.
  • Made it easy to create reports, quickly and confidentially that uses data to effect positive change for students.
  • Utilized advances in technique and technology which allowed us to create a superior solution in one tenth of the time invested by other districts.


About Corona Norco Unified School District

Corona Norco is a school district in Southern California, serving the cities of Norco, Corona, and Eastvale. It is their mission to provide a quality education for all students, promote academic excellence, and prepare their students to lead productive lives in a diverse global community. The district serves more than 53,000 students, K-12.






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