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Improve customer experience and retention


At a glance:

Our telecom customer does a substantial amount of customer care through messaging and social media. In order to improve customer experience and retention throughout a 100% digital experience, Logic20/20 developed integrations for Twitter and Facebook to personalize and improve customer experience. Providing digital care agents and their managers the ability to personalize their customer-facing persona has improved the overall care experience and led to great improvements in customer retention and feedback. Other care agent tools have also greatly improved the experience of the people providing customer care, all to high accolades within the company.


Customer Challenge

The customer wants to increase its customer retention rates by improving the overall satisfaction with support experiences.


Approach and Solution:

The Logic20/20 team provided architectural experience to:

  • Develop custom integrations for Twitter and Facebook using Java and AWS
  • Build social bots that use machine learning to train them for future customer-facing implementations.
  • Construct custom Resful APIs and user interfaces for centralizing and delivering the features essential to customer care.
Value and Benefits - “the wins”

Logic20/20 provided the customer with a new customer interface that will:

  • Help them better understand their customers through non-traditional customer care options, including direct interaction on social media.
  • Deepen the customer relationship by putting a name and a face to support representatives.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with decreased wait times and improved problem resolution.
  • Set the stage for better future support by gathering data, training AI bots with machine learning, and predicting the right support to solve problems.





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