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Predictive Analytics for Insurance


Predictive analytics helps insurers make the right decisions at the right time. Revolutionize your analytics strategy with data that matters.

Imagine you could predict the future? Maybe you’d want to look at how to streamline online experiences to benefit your future customers or look at which customers might be at risk of leaving. Integrating predictive analytics has quickly become a leading initiative in an insurer’s gameplan.



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What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics is the application of data science and machine learning algorithms on historical and current data to identify patterns and create predictive models. Many types of data are viable for this type of analytics, primarily databases and/or flat files.


Insights gained from data-based predictions can influence behavior and provide a framework for businesses to make powerful changes. They can also help users learn how to tell a story with data.

What can predictive analytics do?


Insurance claims adjustors

A closer look at claims

Flag fraud, subrogation, and settlement claims that need closer inspection and priority handling.

Successful business plan

Stay ahead of competition

Analyze current claims and customer trends to make better informed decisions to increase sales and reduce expenses.

Predictive data analytics

Reduce the noise of ineffective data

Insurers have an abundance of Big Data that influence underwriting, rating, pricing, and claims. Put your data in context to gain valuable insights.

Finding target customer market

Identify and target potential markets

Data can reveal behavior patterns and common demographics and characteristics, so insurers can target the right markets and identify who is ready to buy.

Insurance claims

Prepare for underwriting growth

Streamline the process to improve underwriting accuracy and efficiency during times of increasing development.

Retaining customers

Retain existing customers

Improve customer care and identify customers at risk of cancellation. Remain close to your customers and find out what they need.

Business professionals

We can help build your data strategy.

It’s our mission to bring measurement into the insurance sector to promote the intelligent growth of industry with an eye towards the future.

Whether you’re ready to move faster, reduce costs, or increase sales, our advanced analytics teams can help.


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