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Persona development

Knowing and understanding your customer is a key to success in sales and marketing, and customer personas can help immensely. A “Persona” is a fictional representation of a target market or an actual user, commonly applied to the early stages of product development or redesign and used to build campaigns to market those products.


Logic20/20 business and strategy consultants create personas using 4 key steps:


1. Research: Utilize existing user statistics to find out who users are and where they’re from

2. Interviews: Augment research with interviews to build customer needs, wants, pain points, and behaviors. 

3. Analysis: Gain deeper insight into customer behaviors, understand goals, motivations, and why different segments make decisions  

4. Synthesis: Leverage personas for the next step of new product development or go-to-market strategy 


Organizations that create and leverage personas ensure that there is a shared understanding of the target market users and put a “face” on those users, creating empathy and understanding product users so the team can create better products – a winning proposition.  

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Rich Sturm
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