Featured Consultant | Logic20/20

Erin, Operations Assistant

What brought you to Logic20/20?

Prior to Logic, I had a few different roles in the service industry. I realized wanted a change of scenery and a new set of challenges, so I was looking for something very different from what I had done before. Luckily for me, I scored a phone interview with Logic. I actually went into it feeling pretty nervous; I had just finished another phone interview that day, and had left that feeling really unimpressed and discouraged.

As soon as I started talking with the Logic recruiter, I immediately felt at ease. She seemed like an old friend! This great impression spurred me to research a lot more about the company, and I could see that Logic was based around a high-quality team culture and creating a strong community. One thing that was especially attractive to me was the company's involvement with volunteering, since contributing to my community is really important to me. I'm happy to have found my place in a company that aligns with my values this well.


What are your favorite things about working at Logic?

I truly believe this is a place where we help each other, and people actually seem happy to come to work every day. I guess in a nutshell, I would say our culture. One thing I really appreciate is that our leadership team is accessible and friendly. I know if I ever have a question or concern, I can walk into any of their offices and chat. We also have quarterly meetings that I find really inspiring; I feel energized and excited about what it means to work here and how we're able to deliver the results we do. This is my first job at a consulting firm, and I love it so far.


Favorite Quote

“First thought best thought” - Allen Ginsberg



I love exploring new places, going to music shows, and planning future adventures. I'm a big fan of researching the best and most interesting things around the state, as well as whatever city I am visiting on vacation. I don't want to miss out on anything it has to offer! One of my favorite places to go on a long weekend is the Olympic Peninsula - especially in summer!


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

If I chose to eat a dairy product, it would be cheese!