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Operations modeling

Analyzing the performance of your organization’s operations model is the first step towards improvement. At Logic20/20 our business consulting teams understand the importance of an operating model – it’s the design that allows your business to deliver on its strategy.


Operations modeling projects start with analysis of an organization’s current operating model, evaluating its performance of bridging the gap between strategy and operations. Our consulting teams identify opportunities to improve operating models, serving as the foundation for improved execution, decreased costs, and improve outputs.


In today’s markets, operating models serve as a competitive advantage. A solid operating model provides the foundation that allows your organization to continuously adjust and modify its go-to-market strategies and value propositions.


Businesses that have thoughtful operations models in place see greater agility and productivity, reduced time to market, increased ability to scale to meet demand, and improved long-term operations and cost effectiveness.

Practice Area Lead

Rich Sturm

Rich Sturm
Experienced in developing customized client solutions for operations leadership, strategic change, performance optimization, and more.


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