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Insurance Customer Care

Customers are at the heart of the insurance business


Insurers have always known that a solid customer service strategy is a vital part of their industry, so they can retain customers, hopefully for life.


Rapidly evolving customer expectations and increasing competition have raised the bar for customer service, requiring organizations to rethink their approach and seek out creative solutions. The goal is clear: a seamless customer service environment where customers receive prompt resolution to their issues, agents have the resources they need at their fingertips, and the business sees real results at the bottom line.

What is Customer Care?

A part of customer longevity is customer care, which is the process of listening to customer needs and taking care of them during their various interactions with brand, services and products. These interactions can be within social media, email outreach, phone, chatbot, and live chat.


Customer care is the framework around superior customer service.


It is the process that surrounds and supports customer service by building that special emotional connection that keeps an insurance customer loyal and returning for more.

Customer Service and Customer Care

How to build that emotional connection


Customers need to know they are in safe and capable hands.

Agents need to be polite, patient and knowledgeable.

Help customers feel comfortable and that you understand their issue.


Delight them with a positive experience every time.

Be “real” and be human! Use humor. Be professional and authentic.

Keep your promises!

Elevate your customer care experience:

Logic20/20 has developed a dynamic, AI-driven approach to elevating your customer service experience.
We look at customer care from a holistic perspective, taking into account all the human and technological factors that make up your service experience.
We then design and implement a strategy that aligns with your overall business goals to achieve your vision of what customer care should be.

Our strategic approach:

Logic20/20 has honed a strategic approach to customer service solution design over years of assessing complex factors that influence success: people, processes, and technologies.
These factors can change, but our focus on the core principles of good service and commitment to vision will help us shape solutions that are aligned with your business.
We can help your business lead customer expectations with omnichannel enablers.

We’re Ready. Are you?

In the insurance industry, we partner with organizations to deliver their most important initiatives centered around customer service and customer care, to ensure their customers are getting the best experience possible.