The importance of Data Privacy in Marketing (and Luxembourg)

The importance of Data Privacy in Marketing (and Luxembourg)

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DigitalNOW Podcast: Evan and Eric



With each data privacy regulation that passes, waves of fear and trepidation spread across the digital marketing universe. However, we are merely entering a new era where the focus is shifting to better intelligence, increased consumer trust, and enhanced readiness for what lies ahead.


In this episode of Digital Now, our host Matt Trouville is joined by Data Privacy Expert, Evan Alkhas, and Digital Marketing Expert Eric Nelson. They discuss the role of Data Privacy in Marketing and touch on some areas to watch, the ever-changing data privacy landscape, and how marketers can adapt to the latest regulations. They also give some real life examples of how data privacy fines are impacting various organizations and even countries. This spirals into a discussion about the country of Luxembourg, so whether you're interested in data privacy, digital marketing, or fun facts about Luxembourg, you'll love this podcast.




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Evan Alkhas is a strategy senior manager here at Logic20/20 and also our Data Privacy offering lead. Most recently, he has been focusing on operationalizing data privacy for organizations and creating holistic solutions for our clients. He is also a new dad! Eric Nelson is a Director at Logic20/20 focusing on digital marketing strategy and operations consulting. He has been with Logic20/20 for 10 ½ years and has helped our clients to define their go-to market strategies, customer journeys, and marketing technology.


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Evan Alkhas

Evan Alkhas is a Strategy Manager at Logic20/20 with extensive knowledge in strategic development, operating models, business process optimization, and new product innovation.




Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson is a Director at Logic20/20 responsible for managing enterprise accounts. He was named one of Consulting Magazine's Rising Stars for 2020, honored for his excellence in leadership.




Matt Trouville

Matt Trouville is our DigitalNOW podcast host, helping bring the latest technology and strategy to our listeners, and translating messaging from subject matter experts.



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