Tableau 2019.2 improves user experience and capabilities

Tableau 2019.2 improves user experience and capabilities

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If you've been eagerly awaiting the new Tableau release, you're not alone. We're just as excited as you are that Tableau 2019.2 is here. Though there are only a handful of new features, as Tableau explains in their blog, the features combine to deliver a powerfully improved user experience with expanded control over visualizations.


User experience is a constantly improving element of today’s applications and Tableau is no different. The homepage and navigation have changed: the left-side toolbar now contains quick access to favorite visualizations and recently-viewed dashboards. You can also easily see what is popular in Tableau Server and Tableau Online. Showing and hiding sort controls and dashboard containers is also easier, along with custom tooltips. If that wasn’t enough, a variety of map improvements and new parameter actions make creating your visualizations even easier.


For GIF visualizations of the above new features, more new features, and more detailed release information, check out Tableau’s blog.