Four key March 2019 Qlik updates

Four key March 2019 Qlik updates

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One of our favorite pieces of analytics software, Qlik, recently received a few upgrades. Its behind-the-scenes software, Qlik Core, has a new Javascript utility library, a Catwalk loading screen, a small security update, and the promise of a more stable corectl release.


Javascript utility library

Ever get tired of retyping the same credentials over and over? What about copying and pasting code you use often? Shouldn’t there be a faster and easier way to utilize repeated data? Now there is! Qlik’s March update includes a new utility library called hamus.js that uses a new API and hooks, simplifying models and layouts and using hypercubes to render picasso.js charts.


Catwalk loading screen

Sometimes, large applications are paired with slow connections, and it’s necessary to wait a little. Computer users of all types have become accustomed to loading screens during these brief periods, and Catwalk has been at a disadvantage by featuring only a white screen, since the absence of a loading screen could confuse the user. In response, this March update adds a loading screen featuring (what else?) a cat.


Security update

Effective in Qlik Associative Engine version 12.350.00, the Docker has changed nobody:nobody to 1910:1910. Using this unique UID/GID follows current security best practices; read more here.


Upcoming corectl release

Although it’s not quite here yet, an upcoming corectl update is previewed in the March update. Qlik has listened to a variety of user requests, adding features to improve usability and error documentation. If you’d like to stay tuned into the upcoming features, click here.


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