Qlik supports dashboard extension bundle and improved AI

Qlik supports dashboard extension bundle and improved AI

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Don’t you love it when your favorite things get even better? Qlik now supports a variety of new features, namely dashboard extensions and better artificial intelligence tools.


Dashboard Extensions

The dashboard extensions are included in an opt-out bundle. Users may remember some of these features as part of Qlik Branch, but Qlik will maintain them moving forward as an official offering. Included in the bundle are a variety of features including improved container interaction, navigation, input variation, and reporting from inside apps.


Artificial Intelligence

The updated artificial intelligence tools include precedent-based learning and insight advisor light authoring. Machine learning comes to Qlik with the ability to utilize information from user interactions to deliver improved insights and better serve users. Users also have more control over the suggestions made by the machine learning engine; using insight advisor they can do light authoring to specify types of suggested visualizations and analytics.


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