Microsoft Teams is getting even better

Microsoft Teams is getting even better

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With the variety of benefits offered by Microsoft Teams, it’s no wonder that in just two years, companies around the globe have adopted it as their one-stop-shop for project collaboration. In fact, an overwhelming majority of Fortune 100 companies have switched to Teams, and it has been released in 44 languages around the world. Its quick adoption and rave reviews were recognized last week at the Enterprise Connect Event, where the software won its second consecutive annual Best in Show award.


In conjunction with this recognition, Microsoft Teams released eight new capabilities last week to take productivity, security, and user experience to the next level.



While it’s easy to throw together an impromptu conversation with stakeholders on-site, these chats are sometimes compromised by lack of thorough notes and absent people. With live events, a function currently available in Teams, users can spontaneously create live meetings with video streaming and written discussion. With up to 10,000 attendees, these events consolidate everyone’s time into an effective, reviewable event. If team members, customers, or partners can’t digitally attend the event in real time, automatic transcription is available via machine learning tools, allowing others to review content long after the discussion is over.


When teams can collaborate during meetings, it’s a good bet that they’ll communicate their ideas on whiteboards. A new Teams function now available in preview allows participants to use Microsoft Whiteboard directly in Teams meetings, unfurling a never-ending digital canvas for everything you want to write or draw. This tool allows integration of digital and non-digital whiteboard content, as well as collaboration from team members physically present and those participating remotely.


For remote participants, the Intelligent Capture capability, available later this year, will improve the video experience enormously. This tool intelligently manages whiteboard content like drawings and text, displaying the content fully at all times. Even if your coworker pauses in front of the whiteboard as they think about how to answer a question, you’ll still see the full picture.


Although a preview of this next capability is imminent, we wish it were here now! When workers participate in video calls remotely, a variety of things can go wrong: distracting amounts of noise, a poor connection, or even unwelcome interruptions. With the new captions and subtitles capability, Teams can access real-time transcription of participants’ conversation. Whether you’re surrounded by noise or find it easier to communicate with written words, this feature is a big help.



With the large volume of Teams communication in chat or channel discussions, Data Loss Prevention is a great tool for companies to maintain a high standard of information security. This feature, which is currently available, allows automatic recognition and protection of sensitive information.


While file-based information protection is essential, there are also situations that require delicate handling of information amongst people. With information barriers, available later this year, Teams can limit communication between specific Team participants. With the recent worldwide increase in digital information privacy, information barriers are another small step that a business can take to maintain information security.


Sometime later this year, users will be able to customize conversation and file visibility with secure private channels. In the occasional circumstance where visibility of some content must be restricted, users will be able to do so without going through the time-consuming process of creating an entirely different team.


User Experience

While working from home can have its advantages, we’ve all seen what mishaps can occur when employees video in from somewhere outside the office. Beginning later this year, Teams users will be able to customize background graphics on live video streams, either with a simple blur or superimposed background like an office, nature, or scene of their choosing.


With these new features announced last week, we can't wait to see what's next from Microsoft Teams! Check out more information here.