Four important updates to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Four important updates to Azure SQL Data Warehouse

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Warehouse Microsoft has released updated capabilities for the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. They span across many areas of the product, including cost saving benefits, workflow improvements, and security.


A variety of new abilities are available now in preview at no extra cost to the user: result-set caching, materialized views, and ordered clustered columnstore indexes. There are a few other notable updates, including:


Workload importance.This feature enables resource prioritization to help ensure queries are completed in an advantageous order.


Automatic statistics maintenance. Users can now set up auto refresh and maintenance of statistics in tables.


JSON query and management support. Since many businesses upload data based in JSON stores, Azure SQL Data Warehouse can now search this type of data using JSON queries.


Dynamic Data Masking (DDM). It’s important to maintain up-to-date security standards, and with the addition of DDM, Azure enables data owners to restrict unauthorized access by dynamically hiding data during query executions.


For more information, check out the Microsoft Azure blog.



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