Connecting SaaS applications to Amazon EventBridge

Connecting SaaS applications to Amazon EventBridge

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Amazon EventBridge is a new tool for AWS users to connect external SaaS applications to AWS applications. It’s accessible from multiple locations including the AWS Management Console and AWS SDKs. According to Jeff Barr on the official Amazon blog, EventBridge is an effective middle-man between applications that use different programming languages or runtime environments, and it simplifies the work required of users. It also integrates well with other Amazon applications to enable detailed queries and application of artificial intelligence technologies.


There are only four steps required to connect SaaS applications using EventBridge:


1. Select your SaaS application on the Partner event sources page of the EventBridge console.


2. Set up an event source on your side, then wait for the partner SaaS application to create a corresponding event source.


3. Associate the event sources with an event bus.


4. Manage elements of the event bus: create rules, define event patterns, and select targets.



Event bus association in Amazon EventBridge
Example of event bus association via Jeff Barr’s EventBridge instructions on the Amazon blog.


For more information, read Jeff Barr’s blog (linked underneath image, above) or read the official Amazon EventBridge documentation.





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