Customer Stories: Optimizing marketing tools to improve partner content

Customer Stories: Optimizing marketing tools to improve partner content

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About six years ago, Logic20/20 began a marketing operations project with a local Fortune 100 software company. This client spends millions annually on marketing, and has people and systems working together worldwide to produce content, which is then served digitally to partners worldwide, receiving more than one million visits per month.


The challenge

The client was facing challenges publishing marketing content consistently and quickly, and needed to optimize the process and quality for their worldwide partner network. The partner portal was intended as one-stop-shop for partners to get certifications, develop new solutions, and go to market. However, the client had realized that the publication process lacked consistency and scale, limiting marketing’s ability to launch campaigns in an agile manner.


A streamlined publication process would promote transparency, timeliness, and cohesion of the client’s content. If designed properly, it would enable the client to more effectively support their marketing department. Specifically, it would improve the ability to land dynamic and relevant campaigns as quickly as possible to a global audience.


Our solution

As we approached this project, we knew that consistency and scale were the two primary goals. Collaboration between teams was essential to accomplishing these goals, which we drove using best practices in communication and program management. We provided data-driven recommendations and had ongoing discussions about priorities as the project grew.


Though the project began with process, it expanded to content governance, infrastructure improvements, then to marketing strategy. This included:


1. Setting up tools and processes to unify business operations with existing technology. This included evaluating content for compliance and standardization across the portal.

2. Codifying campaigns to match the tools in place, allowing users to more easily submit content.

3. Creating new content and refining content strategy. This sub-process also required aligning teams and ensuring they were prepared to follow the new processes.


As we completed these steps, we transitioned the client’s infrastructure to accommodate the new content, structure, and processes. The new portal made content more reliable, accessible, and better aligned with marketing goals.


A worldwide success

With the implementation of the new portal and processes, our client has seen some notable changes. Campaign turnaround has shortened immensely: projects that once took eight weeks now take as few as two days. Thanks to our campaign performance analysis and 60% reduction of stagnant content, engagement and retention are up across the board. As for the campaign content, we increased its personalization and complexity, taking the client from static website material to triggered email streams and cross-channel marketing efforts.


Our client has said that without our involvement, their marketing operations program wouldn’t exist as it does today.


Our ongoing partnership

We now manage this client’s entire content publication process, as well as oversee their integrated campaigns for marketing materials around the world. Their partner portal has scaled to include 118 different countries and over 30 languages. The client has also added two other partner portals to its portfolio, in addition to providing content and project management services through Logic20/20 for multiple business groups across the company.


We appreciated the opportunity to work with this client and look forward to continuing our involvement in this project through our managed service offering.






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Deborah Lackey

Deborah Lackey is a manager at Logic20/20 with over 7 years of experience in process improvement, leadership, and digital marketing strategy.


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