DigitalNOW PODCAST: The future of automation - Is terminator to blame for our fear?

DigitalNOW PODCAST: The future of automation - Is terminator to blame for our fear?

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Automation... what is it? Is it a robot? Is it software? What exactly does it look like?


If businesses are to stay competitive in the new year, speed their time to market, and reduce costs, automation is a critical part of any strategy. In this episode, we're joined by Logic20/20 manager, and automation expert, Amit Unadkat. He discusses various AI technologies, the current disruption to the market, and the top automation trends for 2021.


Amit is an experienced, global management consulting professional who is a manager in our Digital Transformation practice. He is skilled in automation, product management, DevOps, leadership, and strategy. Amit graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Engineering, with honors, from the University of Toronto.



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Amit Unadkat is a Manager of Digital Transformation with extensive experience in robotic process automation, virtual assistants, business process optimization, and technical product management.


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Matt Trouville is our DigitalNOW podcast host, helping bring the latest technology and strategy to our listeners, and translating messaging from subject matter experts.


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