DigitalNOW Podcast | Change Management shouldn't be scary

DigitalNOW Podcast | Change Management shouldn't be scary

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DigitalNOW Podcast: Tennille Gruman


New business initiatives often require the introduction of new workflows and behaviors. Every change creates opportunities to increase service quality, enhance operations, and achieve sustainable improvements. However, it can also be SCARY. With a change management strategy, your organization can realize the full potential of these opportunities and execute a smooth transition.


In this episode of DigitalNOW, Tennille Gruman joins Matt to talk about the benefits of change management, clear up some misconceptions about the process, and what its future may look like.



Tennille Gruman is Change Manager, and Prosci Certified Change Management Pracitioner. She is an exceptional leader with diverse experience in retail, legal, agricultural, and hospitality industries. She has experience building long-term, productive relationships and delivering results in highly challenging and complex situations.


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Tennille Gruman

Tennille Gruman is a Change Manager at Logic20/20 and Prosci Certified Change Management Practitioner.


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Matt Trouville

Matt Trouville is our DigitalNOW podcast host, helping bring the latest technology and strategy to our listeners, and translating messaging from subject matter experts.


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