ANZAC 2018

ANZAC 2018

Seattle ANZAC Dawn Services

Press Release

March 21, 2018


Australian and New Zealanders Gather at Dawn to Remember Fallen Soldiers

SEATTLE, WA - Australian and New Zealanders of Seattle will gather at dawn on Lake Union Sunday, April 22nd at 6AM, to pay respect to “diggers” (combat soldiers) past and present.


The time-honoured Dawn Service, to commemorate Australian and New Zealand Armed Corps (ANZAC) lost in battle, will draw a crowd of hundreds before first light for a tradition close to the heart of this community.


ANZAC Day, traditionally April 25th, originated as a Dawn Service over 100 years ago to remember the fateful morning in 1915 when ANZAC soldiers landed to fierce opposition at Gallipoli, on the Turkish coast, during World War I. Since then, it’s grown to become the most significant national day of remembrance for all lives lost in military and peacekeeping operations.


Grant Hamilton, Lieutenant Commander of the Australian Navy, will travel from San Diego to join fellow Australian and New Zealand expats for the traditional service.


Lieutenant Commander Hamilton, the keynote speaker for the event, will relay experiences from his work on how he facilitates high end warfighting discussions between Australia, New Zealand and the USA. He’ll also speak to the crowd about the ‘ANZAC Spirit’, which is still going strong among expats all over the world.


The ‘ANZAC Spirit’ is central to the culture of Australian and New Zealanders and is defined by many as courage, determination and above all, ‘mateship’.


“The Dawn Service is such an important way for those living away from home, especially those serving in the armed forces, to continue this significant tradition and link to the past.” Lieutenant Commander Hamilton said.


“The ‘Anzac Spirit’ is very much alive across our countries. It’s about giving it your all, to do your very best; not for yourself or individual glory, but so that your mates get their patrol done right and get home safe,” he said.


“I feel a tremendous sense of pride when I participate in the Dawn Service. This year I’m excited to meet the Aussies and New Zealanders living in Seattle and provide that link to home and share in some of that ‘ANZAC Spirit’”, he added.


This community run event is proudly supported by Logic 20/20, ANZAS organization, and Kangaroo & Kiwi pub (Ballard).


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