3 ways artificial intelligence is transforming customer service

3 ways artificial intelligence is transforming customer service

AI is transforming customer service


Quick summary: 3 ways artificial intelligence (AI) is helping customer service organizations meet escalating customer expectations, improve agent morale and retention, and optimize costs


In a recent survey, 89 percent of consumers said they’ll buy more from companies that deliver an exceptional customer experience … and 80 percent said they’re willing to switch companies over negative service experiences.


As companies face the challenge of meeting these escalating expectations—while also dealing with high call center turnover and shrinking budgets—AI-driven technology innovations are offering a solution.


In our latest e-book, we explore three AI-driven technology innovations that are changing customer service to the benefit of customers, agents, and businesses alike:


Real-time voice transcriptions

• Virtual agents ("chatbots")

• AI-powered insights for customer care agents


To find out how these innovations are shaping the future of customer care—and start developing a strategy that puts them to work—grab your copy of our e-book:


Customer care evolved: 3 innovations that are changing the game


Learn how the latest AI-powered innovations deliver real-time service and real-time insights to benefit customers, agents, and businesses: