2021 trends in the power & utilities industry

2021 trends in the power & utilities industry

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Utilities Trends 2021


As we continue to adapt to the disruptions of 2020 and cautiously enter 2021, utilities face challenges on multiple fronts—some carrying over from previous years, others relatively new. Regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent. Consumers are expecting user-focused experiences that rival those of Amazon and other online power players. New data sources are emerging that must be integrated into existing ecosystems. The cost of assets continues to take up a significant portion of a utility’s annual budget, requiring a proactive, targeted approach to operation and maintenance.


To address these and other challenges, utilities are looking to solutions that leverage advanced analytics and accelerate their progress toward digital transformation. I've identified five key areas where these solutions will have a significant impact on how utilities operate over the next 11 months. You can read the full article and the 5 areas of focus in the full article on Energy Central's website here: Energycentral.com/o/logic2020/2021-digital-transformation-and-advanced-analytics-trends-power-utilities



Utilities Trends 2021


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