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Financial and Innovation Services Focus


Our experienced consultants partner with our Financial and Innovation Service clients to help adapt to changing ecosystem and support the implementation of new technology and optimized processes, creating lasting competitive advantage. Our mission for Financial and Innovation Services clients is to provide clarity to manage risk, drive process improvement, and technology innovation, with the end goal of higher quality customer engagement and business growth.


Leveraging data insights to capitalize on industry changes

At Logic20/20, it’s our goal to help our financial service clients create a culture of measurement and innovation that allows for real-time insight in complex data scenarios. Our teams have experience partnering with financial service clients to develop strategies and the understanding of how to use data to drive real change and impact for their businesses, stakeholders and customers. Our tried and tested data analytics approaches, combine with our industry-specific expertise, helps us create analytics solutions that support integrated decision-making that engages stakeholders and customers alike, while enhancing transparency and governance.

Integrating culture and processes after organizational change

In fast changing economic environments, it is critical for financial and innovation service organizations to look for ways to create or enhance value for their shareholders. Our financial services clients look to achieve this through opportunistic acquisitions, mergers, and organizational splits to leverage unique synergies and drive shareholder value. When a merger or acquisition fails, the results are readily apparent: there is a drop-in morale, synergies fail to materialize, and talent leaves the new organization. Logic20/20’s experienced consultants bring proven approaches and tools that we adapt to customer environments to integrate cultures and processes smoothly. Our teams help leadership understand how to operate as a new entity and to develop an understanding of how to successfully drive the organization across people, technology and operational processes.

Developing efficient operating processes

Financial and Innovation Service organizations face challenging investment decisions when resources are limited and priorities shift rapidly. Developing customized operating processes for high transaction environments represents an opportunity for financial service organizations to drive increased efficiency and cost reductions. Logic20/20 works with our clients to design and implement operating models to achieve these goals and design new systems and processes that drive toward excellence and operational efficiency; aligning the investment to drive greater operational outcomes.

Initiating and executing strategic improvements

Logic20/20's Strategy and Operations services enable financial and innovation organizations to devise, plan and enact strategic initiatives. Our methodology provides long-term quality and business value to organizations, guiding clients from analysis and planning through to execution, measurement and optimization. We help companies deliver their most important initiatives by optimizing the alignment of people, process, and tools to drive improved operational outcomes.


Russel Investments
First Republic
Bank of the West
Kibble and Prentice
Wells Fargo
Intellectual Ventures
Charles Schwab


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