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Benefits of Data Science for Utilities

At Logic20/20, our teams are using data science in the utilities industry to scale capabilities, tackle more use cases, and handle higher volumes of data.


Adam Cornille and lead data scientist Jafar Taghiyar discuss how they've built teams, machine learning models, and infrastructure within the utilities sector. They'll discuss where data science has the most impact, real-world use cases, and how to structure data science teams to appropriately scale your capabilities.


Learn more about how your organization can leverage analytics and data science to reduce costs, increase speed of innovation and more.

Partnering to deliver energy & resource innovation

It’s both a challenging and exciting time for energy and resource companies as consumption increases, technology advances, and the need for substantial infrastructure investment disrupts the entire industry. Logic20/20 partners with our energy and resource clients to help them adapt to the change and support their transformation for the new and changing ecosystem. We help our clients leverage their current investments and find new methods to unlock shareholder and customer value. Logic20/20 supports our energy and resource clients to design viable solutions for the more efficient, intelligent, and clean use of energy and natural resources, while wading through regulatory and political headwinds.

Our Expertise

Data-Driven Asset Management

Outages and downtime are bad for you—but worse for your customers. We use predictive analytics to prevent interruptions and keep your systems running smoothly. With your equipment maintenance optimized, you’ll spend time fixing what matters—and have more bandwidth for what’s next. Read more.

State-of-the-Art Customer Interactions

You’re speaking to your customers. Can they hear you? We help you understand their journey to create an experience that is personalized and productive. Whether it’s on the web, in an app, or over the phone—you’ll be there, ready whenever they need you. Read more.

Office Efficiency

Today’s world needs more than the utilities of yesterday. We transform processes, technology, and culture to help you operate more effectively, pivot quickly, and stay ahead of customer needs. When work is optimized, relationships flow more smoothly, both inside and outside your organization. Read more.

Mobile Workforce

Just like your customers, your team should be connected. We provide easy access to everything they need to get the job done: maps, smart grid technology, customer information, and project management tools. With the whole picture right at their fingertips, your techs can deliver top-notch service.


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2021 Digital Transformation and Advanced Analytics Trends in the Power & Utilities Industry

Tajen Gabisi, Director at Logic20/20 and expert in the utilities space, was recently featured on Energy Central. In his article, he discusses the top 4 trends in digital transformation that utilities companies should be looking out for in 2021.


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Our Work in Energy, Resources & Utilities

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  • ChemPoint
  • NAES
  • PacificNL
  • SW Gas
  • Sempra Energy
  • PGE
  • ChemPoint
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