Diversity, Equity & Inclusion | Logic20/20

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Logic20/20

We're committed to being a company where all people can thrive.

Respect and inclusivity are fundamental to how we interact with our clients, each other, and our community. Our teams undergo training about diversity, inclusion, implicit bias, sensitivity, and more.


Our learning is ongoing. As society shifts and inequalities are addressed around the world, we stay informed and remember that we learn more when we learn together—from each other, with each other, and for each other.



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“Every day, it's important to create an inclusive company culture where everyone can be their authentic, energetic self." - Travis Jones, SVP of North America


Employee Led Committees

Our employee led committees provide a place of empowerment for our people when they can have their voices heard and learn from one another. We seek to provide resources, conversation, and a safe place for everyone to connect and grow.



DE&I Committee

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Committee


Our DE&I Committee promotes acceptance and empowerment of all people. In action, this means cultivating an increasingly diverse workforce, promoting inclusion, and driving positive change in our broader communities.


We maintain awareness of current events and advocate for social change, particularly for LGBTQIA+ people and in support of movements like Black Lives Matter.


The Logic20/20 Women's Committee


Our women's committee endeavors to grow the individual and collective women at Logic in a way that ultimately aids the company at large. This group is open to all who identify as women, as well as those who are allies and supporters.


We've accomplished these goals through a variety of social, volunteer, and professional development events, including self defense training, public speaking courses, International Women's Day celebrations, and book clubs.


Women's Committee

Community Involvement

We support our community and local outreach organizations through donations of dollars, practical time, and mentoring. We have chosen organizations who promote employment that values youth of color, building the next generation of leaders. Volunteering is a large part of our company culture. Employees are encouraged to participate in quarterly events and are given paid time off for volunteer hours. Every year, we select one employee as the Volunteer of the Year and donate to an organization of their choosing.




Rainier Scholars

We've proudly been a Keystone Partner with the Rainier Scholars since 2017.

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West Seattle Wildcats

We worked with community members to build a rugby league for WA youth.

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Leaders for Africa

We support Leaders for Africa through our sponsorship of Eunice Naswali.

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Northwest Harvest

We are a consistent supporter of our community's local food bank.

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