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Digital Marketing Operations

Advance your Marketing with Digital Marketing OperationsEfficiently develop content and increase the speed to market.

The primary focus for a marketing team or department can vary, and change quickly. However, no matter what your goals are, the right tools and processes can help you increase speed-to-market, reduce cost, improve quality and consistency, and more. As technology continues to advance, organizations must unify their digital marketing operations in order to produce content quickly and effectively, and stay competitive.


By creating a Digital Marketing Operations strategy, you can create personalized content and utilize data to optimize it for marketing success. It becomes accurate, effective, and reusable. The consulting teams at Logic20/20 will build infrastructure, develop processes, and deliver content that is backed by data and aligned with company vision, allowing your teams to focus on business objectives and creativity.

Customer Engagement

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing Operations



Shorten campaign turn-around with improved processes.

Brand Consistency

Maintain your brand and style through all collateral released.

Data-Driven Decisions

Improve efficacy through continuous learning and campaign analysis.


Leverage dynamic content to engage your audience throughout the customer journey.


Respond quickly to marketing opportunities through strong capacity management and workflow.

Long-Term Portal Management

Optimize content and channel management for increased productivity and scalability.

Digital Marketing Operations Event

Discover how Digital Marketing Operations could modernize your content and campaign creation, and create a strategy for success.

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Partner Marketing Customer Story

Case study demonstrating Partner Marketing initiatives.

Our client, a local Fortune 100 software company, was facing challenges publishing marketing content consistently and quickly, and needed to optimize the process and quality for their worldwide partner network.


Read through this customer story to view our implementation process, and how we continue to manage our clients publication process to this day.


Read the customer story here.
Customer Engagement








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