Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Maintain customer trust Prepare for current and future data privacy regulations.


With the enactment of GDPR and CCPA, data privacy has emerged as one of the most important compliance issues of our times. New regulations are being considered in multiple states; it’s no longer a topic that can be ignored. Complying with data privacy regulations is as much about building and maintaining customer trust as it is avoiding penalties – consumers are making buying decisions based on how businesses maintain and manage their personal data.


Data readiness, in this case, having your data about people organized in a way that helps you comply with current and future regulations, is key to a successful data privacy approach. When your organization is “data ready,” you can confidently gather and use data across your organization to make better decisions and drive revenue. You’ll have the processes in place to navigate requests associated with current and future data privacy laws.


A robust data privacy strategy should accelerate your business, with a better understanding of what data you have and where it's located. Data readiness positions you to move faster.

The importance of data privacy


Maintain trust



of U.S. respondents say a company’s ability to keep their data private is “extremely important“



will not buy a product from a company if they don’t trust the company to protect their data

Non-compliance Penalty



The average expected cost of non-compliance is $14.82M, 2.7X the cost of compliance.


Let's talk about Data Privacy

Data readiness prepares for coordinated alignment with Data Privacy regulations, current and future.


Data subjects have the right to know information about the processing activities of a data controller.


Data subjects have the right to request that you delete any information about them that you have.


You have to explain how you process data in “a concise, transparent, intelligible, and easily accessible form."


You have to store your users’ personal data in a format that can be easily shared with others and understood.

Equal Services

You are prohibited from denying, charging, or providing differently to those exercising their privacy rights.

Withdraw of Consent

Data subjects can request that you temporarily change the way you process their data.

Data privacy in action


We work with you to learn how your organization is using personal data, then design and implement a strategic roadmap that helps you use your data to accelerate your business, while maintaining a state of data readiness.

Data Governance planning
Discovery, Assessment, & Readiness

We assess the current state to evaluate the current compliance posture around 3 areas: data processing, security, and policies.

Data Privacy Plan
Alignment & Optimization

We implement programs and projects that address gaps in compliance and operationalize processes and technologies.

Data Privacy Education

We document processes and train people so that your organization remains data ready long after the projects end.


Let's talk about data readiness.