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Training currently only available in the US.


Learn industry best practices via personalized training.

Our training takes a hands-on approach to solving key problems related to your dashboard. We'll walk you through a live dashboarding process, focusing on your company's challenges; from business objectives right through to completed wireframes. By the end of the session, you'll know how to design best practices dashboards as well as your own dashboard wireframes. 


Training includes:

  • Dashboard and data visualization best practices
  • Reasons affecting poor dashboard design
  • How to ensure a dashboard has business value
  • How to define next steps and action items
  • What an actionable dashboard looks like
  • Real-world applications and examples
  • Steps required to wireframe a successful dashboard
  • How your data can tell a story


Why is dashboard design important?

Dashboards fail for many reasons including negative user experience, lack of business value and misalignment between the users and stakeholders. 

Wireframing dashboards is quickly becoming the optimal method to address these problems. The largest consulting firms in the world use these processes to make sure their dashboards will be valuable, actionable and insightful BEFORE development starts and on future iterations of their dashboards.

What does good dashboard design do?

By taking a practical approach to enterprise dashboard design, you can ensure your dashboards bring value to the business and allow actionable insights for the users. Through a tried and tested process that consists of user/stakeholder interviews, workshops, design and data visualization best practices, the resulting dashboard is one that meets the goals of the business while supporting the users.


About the Trainer

Analytics expert Nick Kelly

Nicholas Kelly is the Director of Visual Analytics at Logic20/20. He has built a career on gaining business insight from data. He is a hands-on leader in analytics with over 16 years of international experience in analytics and software development, deployment, adoption, and user experience. Nick’s passion lies in building user-centric analytics capabilities that align with business strategy and produce actual value for businesses. With experience that ranges from solo coding and development to managing teams up to 25 data scientists, he knows the full analytics process and how to scale it.

Nick is also an experienced management consultant who has implemented analytics projects and strategies for members of the Global Fortune 100 in industries including finance, human capital, supply chain, and healthcare.

He has been featured in videos and articles, as a regular speaker at international conferences, and has personally trained over 2,000 management consultants in data visualization and analytics best practices.

Need help telling a data story?


Our free webinar is an interactive, virtual workshop aimed
at helping you improve your requirements gathering process.


You’ll learn:


• The reasons behind the poor adoption of your analytics assets

• The 7 steps of the requirements gathering process

• How to deliver actionable insights, not just data

• And more!