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Keep customers coming back

Of consumers who switched brands in the past year,
cite "better customer service" as their primary reason for switching.

Source: Salesforce State of the Connected Customer


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An excerpt from "Customer Care Evolved: 3 Innovations That Are Changing the Game"

Customer service centers now have access to tools that automate real-time transcription of customer phone calls, improving the overall customer experience and alleviating pain points on multiple levels:


• If the customer needs to be transferred, the transcription can follow her to the next agent, eliminating the need to repeat information.


• With the need for note-taking eliminated, agents can focus 100 percent of their attention on listening to customers and solving their problems.


• AI applications can monitor transcriptions and offer possible solutions on the agent’s screen in real time, eliminating the need to hunt down information.


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Meeting expectations across the board

Customer care: what customers expect

Customers expect ...

• Ability to reach out any time, on any channel

• Engaging, personalized experiences

• Self-service options for simple requests

Customer care: what agents expect

Agents expect ...

• Ability to help customers quickly and painlessly

• Maximum visibility on customer interactions

• Ability to manage multiple interactions

Customer care: what businesses expect

Your business expects ...

• Rapid demonstration of business value

• Low-code solutions that are easy to support

• Ability to control costs by expenditure type

Learn how AI-driven innovations help businesses meet these expectations—and more.



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