Logic20/20 Values

Our Values

Drive toward excellence

We strive to exceed ordinary in all that we do, from the services we provide clients to the communities we build internally. With client goals in mind, we integrate new capabilities and resources to improve performance and achieve results.

Act with integrity

We keep our promises and do the right things, even if they're unpopular. Transparent communication is key: we provide accurate, important information in an open, honest, and forthright manner.

Foster a culture of we

We build our teams, go above and beyond to help each other, and leverage individual strengths to benefit the whole. We're reliable as individuals and rely on each other as teammates by listening actively, empathizing, and receiving criticism as needed.


“I know I can trust the culture and integrity of what my company stands for. I walk into work every day with a smile knowing I get to come back to a place where I feel respected and valued as an employee."




End User Engineer

The Origin of Our Company Values

To decide our values, we began by creating a small internal committee of diverse people from across our organization. This committee surveyed all our employees to understand the values that were most important to them in three categories: personal, internal (within our company), and external (to our clients). These included words like curiosity, integrity, improvement, dedication, and harmony, to name a few.


We then collated the responses and categorized them by general themes. With the themes pinpointed, we brought them together to form our three values. Both our leadership and consultants quickly championed these values in internal meetings and client relationships—and the rest is history.



“Our Culture of We empowers me to make decisions that better the company, to spend time getting to know everyone at Logic20/20 on a first name basis, and to invest my time and resources in others."




Executive Assistant


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Customer Engagement


The Logical Values Award

The Logical Values award is a peer-nominated award focused on how our employees are doing their best to live our values on a daily basis. The two winners selected each year enjoy an all-expenses paid vacation to the destination of their choice.


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