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Change management processes for a more agile business


Get your team ready to pivot with change management processes

Whether you’re adapting to a downturn in the economy or responding to an exciting new business opportunity, change is an inevitable part of business life. While adapting systems, technologies, and processes is an important part of dealing with change, it’s also vital to have a plan for bringing your people along for the journey.


While change management is commonly viewed as a reactive process, organizations that proactively build their change management capabilities better prepare themselves to pivot when disruptions, either negative or positive, arise. According to a survey by the Project Management Institute, 92 percent of organizations that are highly effective at change management report high or moderate agility — nearly three times more than organizations that report minimally effective change management.


So, how do you plan for changes that haven’t happened yet? The key is having change management processes in place that can be executed on a moment’s notice.

How Logic20/20 can help

Logic20/20’s experts help businesses improve agility by guiding them through our proprietary Enterprise Change Process. We designed this process to ensure alignment among leaders, stakeholders, and employees at all levels and adoption of new practices to drive business value. Starting with top leadership, we work with individuals across the organization to build a plan that encompasses analysis, engagement, readiness assessments, communication, feedback, and other vital elements of a successful change management initiative. When the organization encounters a need to pivot, their change management program is ready to go.


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