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Debjani Sarkar, Recruitment Team Manager

Logic20/20 Recruiting

Debjani Sarkar joined Logic20/20 early in 2017. She moved to Seattle five years ago after spending a few years with an international IT consulting company in Recruiting and Marketing Communications. She enjoys bringing people together and helping teams succeed and is passionate about recruiting, and having the ability to work with great people and strong leaders. Being part of the “culture of we” is the most exciting part of her job. When she’s not recruiting, she enjoys travelling, reading and spending time with friends.


Bradley Youngston, Senior Recruiter

Logic20/20 Recruiting

Bradley Youngston is a Senior Recruiter at Logic20/20. In his capacity as Sr. Recruiter, he is responsible for sourcing, interviewing, coordinating, and closing candidates for business and technology focused roles. When he is not recruiting, he enjoys watching Mariner baseball and Seahawk football.


Salman Khalid, Senior Recruiter

Salman Khalid

Salman Khalid is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Logic20/20. He has a background that includes work for local consulting firms as well as fortune 500 companies like Amazon and Nordstrom. Salman enjoys solving business problems and loves connecting professionally, building long lasting relationships. In his spare time, Salman likes to spend time with his 3 children, his family (including his 15 siblings!), and coaching his kid’s basketball and flag football teams.


Priyanka Singh, Recruiter

Logic20/20 Recruiting

Priyanka Singh is an HR professional with 4 years of industry experience. She has leveraged various HR functions in her previous stints, most recently at Deloitte. Priyanka considers herself as both a recruiter as well as an HR generalist and enjoys wearing both the hats. She is known for her ebullient and pragmatic approach for day-to-day critical situations at work. She has a long list of favorite activities, including travelling, shopping, and interior design. She lives in Bellevue with her best friend “Shobhit” who also happens to be her husband!


Bryan Elwin, Recruiter

Logic20/20 Recruiting

Bryan Elwin is a recruiter focused on bringing new talent to Logic20/20.  He has experience in talent acquisition dating back to 2007, including time at Accenture. Bryan is a WA state native and a UW graduate; he's is passionate about sports, travel, and food. 


Michelle Melencio, Executive Recruiter

Logic20/20 Recruiting

Michelle Melencio is an Executive Recruiter for Logic20/20 based out of Washington DC. She has worked for mid-size and large global IT Consulting firms and specializes in Sales and Executive Recruiting. What she enjoys most about the job is building relationships at all levels and being able to match the right candidates with the right opportunities.Outside of work she’s mostly likely playing with her dog, Balto,or spending time with family and friends.




Anca Cristea, Senior Recruiter

Logic20/20 Recruiting

Anca Cristea is a Senior Recruiter at Logic20/20. Anca is a talent acquisition professional with 6+ years of experience in recruiting, mainly in technology and business consulting roles. She started her Logic 20/20 journey at the same time as her Seattle journey – she moved here in May 2018 and found it a great place to live and to work. Before coming to Seattle, she lived in Bucharest, Romania and worked as a Senior Recruitment Consultant in an international business and technology consulting firm. In her spare time, she enjoys all things sci-fi and fantasy: books, TV shows, movies and video games.


Brian Simpson, Senior Recruiter

Logic20/20 Recruiting

Brian Simpson is a Senior Talent Researcher at Logic20/20. He has nearly 20 years in full cycle recruiting experience, spanning industries from Information Security, AI and Quantum Computing to Commercial Construction. Brian is all about geek’n out on Space, Quantum Theory and complex AI Algorithms whenever he gets the chance. In Brian’s spare time, he’s usually reading up on the latest unanswered questions about the Universe or walking the beaches of Whidbey Island with his two kiddos in search of Suiseki!