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BI Report Developer

Logic20/20 is looking for experienced BI Report Developers to join our rapidly-growing consulting space. This role entails creating data strategies and BI capabilities to meet the needs of various stakeholders. Candidates are expected to be adept at recognizing, subscribing, and applying best practices, methodology, tools, and techniques.
Our teams work together to analyze data models, identify issues, and deliver high-quality visualizations, dashboards, and reports. The process involves reviewing and assisting with the development of functional specifications for business intelligence solutions and delivering high quality and timely dashboards, reports, visualizations and self-service reporting capabilities using Power BI and other tools. Candidates should have demonstrated expertise in writing BRD’s and use cases, data modeling, and effective communication, as well as flexibility and grace under pressure.

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Interesting datasets

Clients across verticals, including Fortune 500 companies, have broad and complex data

Thought leadership

Lead the field in IoT, server-less, containers, big data, machine learning, and AWS cloud computing

Varied challenges

Projects bring unique and interesting challenges; architects solve one problem and move on to the next

Home base

Build internal relationships while projects and challenges change