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Architecture for data privacy readiness

Architecture for data privacy readiness

When most people think about readiness for GDPR, CCPA, and other data privacy laws, their first instinct is to focus on tasks like updating privacy policies, implementing new security measures, or introducing new procedures responding to data subject requests. Each of these initiatives is essential for an effective data privacy readiness program, but there's one foundational element that must be in place first: a data architecture that enables the business to meet its data privacy requirements, make the necessary updates to existing systems, and implement privacy by design.


Consider the following questions:

"How can we update our data privacy policy if personal data is scattered across the organization and no one has a grasp on how, when, and where it's being used?"
"How can we secure personal data if we don't know exactly what data we have, whether it was collected in a compliant manner, and where it's located?"
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"How can the customer care team respond to data subjects' requests for access or deletion if there's no easy way to locate all records that comprise a customer's personal data?"

Why the right data architecture is vital to data privacy readiness

At the heart of data privacy readiness is data. This statement may sound trivial, but you'd be surprised how many organizations overlook it … until they try to operationalize their readiness strategies.


Having a well-organized, well-documented data architecture makes it easy for you to

✓ Get a handle your personal data ecosystem (know what personal data you have, how you acquire it, where it’s located, etc.)

✓ Facilitate access to personal data that’s stored in various locations—on premise, in the cloud, or on end-point devices

✓ Centrally manage the sourcing, editing, querying, access, and projection of personal data

✓ Create an audit trail for actions taken in response to data subject requests

✓ Query a specific data set, generate a list of locations, and enable data to be acted upon (delivered to the data subject, erased, corrected, etc.)

✓ Automate data privacy procedures as appropriate

✓ Adapt to new requirements as they arise

In addition to supporting your initial readiness strategy, the right data architecture makes it far simpler to practice good data governance—and maintain data privacy readiness—over the long term.

Our strategic approach

Logic20/20 has developed a proprietary three-phase approach for aligning data architectures, systems, and processes with privacy law requirements and customer expectations.
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1. Discovery, assessment, and readiness

Through interviews with business users and hands-on assessments of your existing data landscape, we create a clear picture of where your architecture is today in terms of data privacy readiness—and what alignments are needed to meet the requirements that apply to your organization.

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2. Alignment and optimization

We develop and implement elegant, scalable solutions for aligning your architecture with the demands of an effective data privacy readiness program. After ensuring that the personal data in your systems is clean, accurate, and properly formatted, we design an architecture that enables your organization to meet its data privacy requirements in addition to complying with established best architectural practices. Our team them implements the designed solution all the way to being production ready.

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3. Governance

With your optimized data architecture in place, we work with you to design a sustainable governance program that can enable data privacy readiness over the long term. Taking into account issues such as day-to-day oversight, training, vetting future business partners, and due diligence processes for new procedures and technologies, we help you design and implement a governance plan to ensure continuous readiness for years to come.

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