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Apple Business Chat

Delighting customers with Apple Business Chat:Apple Business Chat as a blueprint for better customer journeys.

Creating smooth customer journeys is a key component to a successful customer care strategy. Customers want to engage with brands on their own terms, with channels that they are comfortable using. Apple Business Chat offers a seamless customer experience; it’s integrated into iOS and customers can start conversations from Siri, Safari, Maps, Spotlight, and the web. Their conversations launch directly into iMessage. Done right, brands can deliver a meaningful and effective experience that feels personal for each customer.



Create a branded customer care experience using Apple Business Chat.

Apple Business Chat offers brands the ability to deliver a consistent brand experience, using both colors and logo in the messaging interface. Advanced functionality lets you integrate with custom experiences through apps, right in messaging.



Apple Business Chat Features



Build a memorable experience with logo and brand colors.

Secure payment

Use Apple Business Chat to select and pay in the Message environment.

Secure authentication

Login to your account to give your agent a clear view.

Live and automated agents

Manage volume and experience with live and automated agents.

Pickers (item or time slot)

Select items from a list or time slots to schedule.

iMessage app

Create custom experiences that enable a single, specific task.

Make customer engagement your strategic advantage.

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