Analytics Hub Consulting

Analytics Hub

Analytics hubs access all the dashboards in your organization, across analytics platforms, location, and department.

Centralized, online content management tool

Users access all business intelligence and analytics assets within an organization

Find reports from any platform, including Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik

Shared portal makes your current and future assets discoverable to a broad user base


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Key Benefits of an Analytics Hub

Search & discover

Use filters, search, and metadata tags to easily find information and dashboards that users across your organization have created.

Single login for multiple platforms

Remove friction for users in accessing all of your BI assets with single sign-on, including training.

Personalized user experience

Different users with different roles and responsibilities should see different things. A personalized experience engages users and provides more value resulting in increased adoption.

Globally accessible & secure

Don't compromise on security. Retain access and permission settings from native platform while enabling secure access to assets across all of your geographical locations.



Users across the business will benefit from an Analytics Hub
Business User

Single login allows you to access all your analytics across the business so you can get to the right dashboard and make better decisions faster.


New BI assets or net new platforms integrate directly into your analytics hub. Reduce the complexity of your roll outs and IT ecosystem.

Data teams

More traffic and easier accessibility to your dashboards means more time spent on new tasks to support the business.