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Analytics Hub

Analytics hubs access all the dashboards in your organization, across analytics platforms, location, and department.

An analytics hub is a centralized, online content management tool that allows users to access all business intelligence and analytics assets within an organization, for any reporting platform, including Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik. By moving your analytics to a shared portal, you immediately make your current and future assets discoverable to a broad user base. With search-based BI, you'll see more value from each one of your dashboards, training documents, and content.


People are the engine of a business, technology should be designed to support the end user. Analytics hubs create a scalable and cohesive user experience for engaging with data across your organization and are an important part of your business intelligence tool kit.


Designed with the end user in mind, they make it easy for people to find the right dashboard or data asset with comprehensive, cross platform search; make decisions based on the data; and provide feedback in real time to improve the experience in the future. Machine learning suggests additional assets that might be useful and thoughtfully-designed UI makes it easy to find training resources and manuals.


Logic20/20 helps you select and customize the right tool for your organization. Using the same principles as the Dashboard Design Process, we focus on portal design and user experience with the goal of getting the best ROI out of your technology spend.

"Loved the work that came through with the team – it really helped us frame up our thinking in a new way when looking at our dashboards!
We’re in a much better position now because of the work that the team did and it provided us with a good understanding of our stakeholders and users."

-Business Strategy Manager

Fortune 100 Technology Company

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Key Benefits of an Analytics Hub

Search & discover

Use filters, search, and metadata tags to easily find information and dashboards that users across your organization have created.

Single login for multiple platforms

Store all files, reports, documents, and training material in a single portal, from any reporting platform.

Personalized user experience

Personalized experience designed to engage users and increase adoption, with machine learning recommendations based on previous behavior.

Globally accessible & secure

Securely access assets across all your geographical locations, without compromising data security.

Analytics Hub Implementation Process

Analytics Hub Implementation Process

Users across the business will benefit from an Analytics Hub
Business User

Single login allows you to access all your analytics across the business, so you make better decisions, faster.


New assets or platforms plug directly into your analytics hub, reducing complicated roll outs with new tools

Data teams

Search helps you stop recreating the wheel, your team can focus on new tasks to support the business

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